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Composer Joseph Russo studied with Robert Starer and Vincent Persichetti and other Juilliard professors, and with Luther Noss at Yale. He attended composition/ music theory classes at both schools.  Russo has developed and continues to evolve a personal melodic and tonal style in his compositions.  He has composed numerous chamber and orchestra works including “Elegy and Prayer” for Strings (1985), “Concordance” for Double Brass Quintet (1991) Flute and Oboe Concerto (1994), “Celebration” for Orchestra (1999), Triple Flute Concerto (2000), “In Memoriam” 9/11 - for Strings (2001),  “Tribute” (2002) for Concert Band (commissioned by Northeastern University) to name just a few.  Russo’s most recent composition is his First Symphony (2004) which was premiered by Orchestra New England in New Haven on May 1, 2004.
"Music is the Vernacular of the Soul" Geoffrey Latham